150+ बेस्ट Rajputana Status in Attitude ( 2020 ) for FB Status

Rajput Status, Rajput Status in Hindi, Rajputana Status, Rajput Status in English, Rajputana Status in Hindi, etc. In this post you will get both english and hindi shayari or status on rajputs.

Rajput and Rajputana are the words which denote to the persons that have relations or background with kings or high class people in the olden times, and now people used these words to show their background or to show off.

Tremendous 50+ बेस्ट Rajputana Status in Attitude

(1) We are Rajputs, do not write history, we make history.

(2) I am a Rajput, whoever sees me once becomes obsessed with my #Attitude.

(3) The roar of the lion in the forest is enough and our name is enough in the city. #Rajput

(4) Remember, the deeper # Rajput is loved, the deeper is the enmity.

(5) The sparkle of the diamond and the #Attitude of Rajput never diminishes.

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(6) Do not get too hot. I am a Rajput. Melt iron too.

(7) Times have changed, history has changed but Rajput’s #Attitude has never changed, nor will it ever change.

(8) People know what they do to stay in style, I am a Rajput, my attitude is enough.

(9) In this way I will not be able to settle in my eyes, I am a Rajput and will get into veins

(10) As much as your intoxication does not come after drinking, in that we do not get intoxicated even by our mustache. #Rajput

(11) Our face still burns with fire because blood is still a dynasty.

(12) You are in love because I am far away, otherwise I would have been stubborn by the evening.

(13) Don’t dare, #Rajput hoon twisted and saw if it turns red and yellow all together.

(14) Congratulations on your beauty, our pride is our pride. #Rajput

rajput attitude status in Hindi

(15) You will ask for love, we will give heart, if cheated you will die. # Rajputana

(16) We do not need any shield, we are Rajput and our chest is steel.

(17) Improve, otherwise you will improve, be careful, or you will tear. # Rajput

(18) Everyone earns wealth and fame but it is not the status of Rajputs.

(19) Everyone moves around the chest, but the chest is only of Rajputs.

(20) To this day, all the brothers who have stood against us, lie spread out in the grave.

(21) Where we pass, there are roads, where we reach, it becomes the destination. #Rajputana

(22) If you like Pagli, I keep it in my heart, otherwise I am not in my mind.

(23) Drink, we are intoxicated, someone shows us, # Attitude we show, someone else burns.

(24) I am #Rajput, our mustache is so strong that it removes the urine of the person standing in front.

Rajput Status in Hindi

(25) I am a Rajput, no sword is needed to kill anyone, for that our eyes are enough.

(26) The edge of the sword also fades when Rajput shows his #Attitude.

(27) # Attitude is like a Rajput, if you are afraid, it is like a lion or even dogs are scared.

(28) Where we stand, the line starts from the same and on seeing our attitude, the line of good is broken. # Rajput

(29) There is jigra in the chest of Rajput, all the water is less sugar.

(30) hum jaha kadam rakhte hai waha tufan uthe h

(31) If there is #attitude then it is not like otherwise Rajputana.

(32)aaj 100 mein kal charcha hazaaron mein hogee,
naam logon ke dil-o-dimaag mein hai,
kal photo akhabaaron mein hogee !! # jay_maan_bhavaanee

(33) People do not get up when the lion roars and Rajput falls.

(34) There is no need for us to wave the flag anywhere, we are Rajputs, our footprints are enough.

(35) Thunderstorms turn, storms stop when Rajput moves.

(36) The enemy is scared by showing weapons, probably he does not know, I am a Rajput, my childhood toy was a weapon.

(37) People are afraid of thunderstorms, the same #storms arise where we step. # Rajput

(38) You are alive only because we are # Rajputs and do not kill dogs.

(39) Our shoes are enough for our enemies who have been erased. Rajput

(40) We do not think, if we come on our own, we do not leave anyone.

(41) Do not swag, break, do not knock, or I will rip.

(42) 36 like you have come and gone 36, but Rajputs will remain one.

(43) No matter how fast a jackal takes part, a lion cannot escape its claws.

(44) It takes no mind to understand a Rajput.

(45) akad mat tod dunga – rajputana

Seeing the shining stones, women forgive mistakes but not Rajputs.

(46) Rajput friendship is always as firm as that of the Himalayas.

(47) Men are women if , men is not a Rajputs.

(48) You must have played many games but, when the Rajput plays, the game is often reversed.

(49) Rajputs do not mind with barking of enemies.

Best Rajputana Status in Hindi for WhatsApp

(50) The more you drink, the more we leave.

(51) Don’t ask for the name or else it will become an anecdote, if told the family, the urine will come out. #Rajput

(52) Dogs are all reared but Rajputs only raise lions.

(53) When I walk, everyone thinks of killing, but what do they know, we have left the weapon and do not forget to drive.

(54) Those who kill do not count.

(55) As much as people do not burn with fire, they are burnt by our style.

(56) Our hobbies are such that people are scared after seeing this.

(57) To fight is our pride, to rule is our identity, Rajput is our family.

(58) Don’t talk about status, Pagli starts from where you end.

(59) Jali is called fire, extinguished is called ashes, family is called as Rajput society.

(60) rajput ko samjhne ke liye dil lagta hai

People who have floors, are our hobbies.

(61) Our mustache is enough for our style. #Rajputana

(62) What people call pride is our family pride.

Rajput Attitude Status in Hindi

(1) ham raajapoot hai itihaas likhate hain, itihaas nahin hai.

(2) raajapoot hoon jo bhee mujhe ek baar dekh le mere # attitudai ka deevaana ho jaata hai.

(3) jangal mein sher kee dahaad hee kaaphee hai aur shahar mein hamaara naam hee kaaphee hai. #rajput

(4) yaad rakhana jitana gahara hai # raajapoot kee mohabbat hotee hai, utanee gaharee dushmanee bhee hotee hai.

(5) heere kee chamak aur raajapoot ka # ravaiya kabhee kam nahin hota.
yah bhee padhen- vhaatsep aur phesabuk ke lie hindee mein ravaiya

(6) jyaada garm mat ho main raajapoot hoon loha ko bhee pighala deta hoon.

(7) jamaana badal gaya, itihaas badal gaya lekin raajapoot ka # ravaiya na kabhee badala hai, na kabhee badale.

(8) log shailee mein rahane ke lie kya pata kya-kya karate hain, main raajapoot hoon mera to tevar hee kaaphee hai.

(9) is tarah na dekh pagalee aankhon mein bas jaoonga, raajapoot hoon ragon mein utar jaoonga.

(10) jaisa peene ke baad tumhaara nasha nahin utarata, utane mein to hamaaree moonchh ke bhee nasha nahin chadhata. #rajput

(11) tevar se hamaare aaj bhee angaare barasate hai kyonki khoon aaj bhee khaanadaanee hai.

(12) too ishk hai mera isalie door hai varna zid hota hai to shaam tak baahon mein hota hai.

(13) lalakaar mat, # raajapoot hoon mod ke dekh liya to laal-peela sab ek saath ho jaega.

(14) mubaarak ho tum tumhaara husn, hamaare to tevar hee hamaaree shaan hai. #rajput

(15) raajapoot ravaiye kee sthiti hindee mein
tum pyaar maangoge ham dil de denge, agar dhokha diya to jaan le lenge. # raajapootaana

(16) jaroorat nahin hai hamen kisee dhaal kee, ham to raajapoot hai hamaara to seena hee phaulaad hai.

(17) sudhar jao, varana sudhaar karenge, sambhal jao, varana phaad denge. # raajapoot

(18) daulat, shoharat to har koee kama leta hai lekin raajapooton vaala rutaba nahin hota.

(19) chhaatee to har koee ke lie phirata hai, lekin seena sirph raajapooton ka hota hai.

(20) aaj tak jitane ke khilaaph hamaara khada hua hai, vah saale kabr mein pair phailaakar lete hue hai.

(21) ham jahaan se gujarate hain vahaan raasta ban jaata hai, jahaan pahunchate hee vahee manjesh ban jaata hai. #rajputan

(22) dekh pagalee pasand aaee to dil mein rakhata hoon, varna dimaagon mein bhee nahin.

(23) peete ham hai nasha kisee aur ko hota hai, # attitudai ham dikhaate hai, jalata na aur hai.

(24) main # raajapoot hoon hamaaree to moochhon mein itana taav hai ki saamane khade hone vaale ka peshaab nikaal de.

(25) raajapoot hoon kisee ko maarane ke lie talavaar kee jaroorat nahin, usake lie to hamaaree aankhen hee kaaphee hai.

(26) talavaar kee dhaar bhee pheekee pad jaatee hai jab raajapoot apana # eteetyood dikhaata hai.

(27) # eteetyood ho to raajapoot jaisa, khauph ho to sher jaisa varana kutta bhee daraana jaata hai.

(28) ham jahaan khade hote hain rekha vahee se shuroo ho jaatee hai aur hamaare tevar ko dekhakar achchhe achchhon kee lain toot jaatee hai. # raajapoot

(29) raajapoot kee chhaatee mein jigara hota hai, baakee sab paanee kam cheenee jyaada hota hai.

(30) ham jah kadam rate hah vaha taphan ut ha
raajapoot kee dostee bemisaal hotee hai, raajapoot kee dushmanee ek misal hotee hai.

(31) # eteetyood ho to # raajapootaana jaisa varana na ho.

(32) mujhe ho to raajapoot jaisee varana na ho.

(33) sher kee dahaad aur raajapoot ka haath jab girata hai to log uthate nahin uth jaate hain.

(34) jaroorat nahin hai hamen kaheen jhanda laharaane kee, ham raajapoot hai hamaare to jooton ka nishaan hee kaaphee hai.

(35) raajakumaariyon rukh mod letee hai, toophaan tham jaate hai jab raajapoot chalata hai.

(36) dushman hathiyaaron dvaara daraata hai shaayad use pata nahin, main raajapoot hoon mere bachapan ka khilauna hee hathiyaar tha.

(37) log bartee toophaan se darate hai, ham jahaan kadam rakhate hai vahee # toophaan uthate hai. # raajapoot

(38) tum jinda sirph isalie ho kyonki ham # raajapoot hai kutton ko nahin maara hai.

(39) mit gae mitaane vaale hamaare dushmanon ke lie to hamaare joote hee kaaphee hain. raajapoot

(40) ham sochate hain ki nahin, kya hai par aa jao hai to kisee ko chhodate nahin.

(41) akad mat, tod doonga, khatak mat, varana cheer doonga.

(42) tumhaaree tarah 36 aae aur 36 chale gae, lekin raajapoot ek tha.

(43) geedad chaahe kitana bhee tej bhaag le sher ke panje se nahin bach sakatee.

(44) raajapoot ko samajhane ke lie dimaag nahin dil lagata hai.

(45) akad mat tod dung – raajaputaana
chamakate pattharon ko dekh kar mahilaen galatiyaan karane vaalee hain lekin raajapoot nahin hain.

(46) raajapoot kee dostee hamesha himaalay kee tarah atal hotee hai.

(47) aadamee to auraton ke hote hai, mard to raajapoot hote hain.

(48) khele honge toone kaee khel lekin, jab raajapoot khelata hai to aksar baajiya palat jaatee hai.

(49) dushmanon ke bhaunkane se raajapoot ko koee phark nahin padata.

(50) jaisa tum peete ho, vaise to ham chhod dete hain.

2 lines Rajputana Status for True Rajputs

(51) naam mat poochh varanaachaarasa ban jaega, khaanadaan ne diya to peshaab nikal jaega. #rajput

(52) kutte to sab paalate hai lekin raajapooto sirph sher paalate hai.

(53) jab main pravesh karata hoon to sab maarane kee sochate hain, lekin unhen kya pata hamane kaha hathiyaar chhode hain chal nahin rahe bhoole.

(54) jo maarate hai, vo ginate nahin hai.

(55) jitana log aag se nahin jalata utana ka hamaara stail se jal jaata hai.

(56) hamaare to shauk hee aise hai jise dekh kar log khauph kha jaate hain.

(57) sangharsh karana hamaaree shaan hai, raaj karana hamaaree pahachaan hai, raajapoot hamaara khaanadaan hai.

(58) haisitee kee baat mat kar pagalee jahaan aapakee khatm hotee hai vahaan se hamaaree baaree hotee hai.

(59) jalee ko aag kahate hain, buzee ko jala kahata hai, khaanadaan use kahata hai, jise raajapoot samaaj kahata hai.

(60) rajput ko samjhnai kai liyai dil lagt hai

jo logon kee manjilen hotee hai, vah hamaare shauk mein hai


(61) hamaaree shailee ke lie hamaaree moochhon ko taav hee kaaphee hai. #rajputan

(62) log jise ghamand kahate hain, vah to hamaara khaanadaanee rooaab hai.

Hindi Status For Rajput

paanee 💥 apanee maryaada tode to samajho vinaash🌊,
aur raajapoot mar apanee maryaada tode 🔥 to samajho sh sarvanaash… –

hamaare jeene ka tareeka thoda alag hai, alag
ham ume par nahin ji apanee jid hai par jeet hai !! 👉

naam har kisee ka chal sakata hai, sakata
bas daud ka dam chaahiye hona chaahie .. !! 💪
topquotaistatus – bahare raajy aur kots

rakhate hue moochhon 😎ko taav dekar, yaaree khelate hain jaan dekar, 😎
khauf au khata hai duniya, hamase, kyonki ham jeete hain sheron ha kee dahaad ke baare mein !!

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Hindi Status and Hindi Shayari

panga lena golee nga kee rok se,
par kabhee mat takaraana pa raajapoot kee ta talavaar 🔥 seaana

yoon har kisee ke haath kisee bikane ko taiyaar nahin,
ye raajapoot raaj ka jigar hai tumhaara shahar ka patr 📰 nahin… ⚔

logon ka kahana hai ki kahate aap attitudai hai bada dikhaate hain …
dekh beta bhagavaan ki den hai, hai
oopar se raajapoot chhip ne chhipaayege thodee… 🚩
topquotaistatus – bahare raajy aur kots

khairaat mein milee khushee hamen pasand nahin hai, huee
are! ham to anupam bhee mein bhee navaab jeete kee tarah jeete hain… 😞

raajapoot pa hoon, raajapootee shaan rakhata hun,
baahar se shaant hun, par andar se toophaan n rahata hun…,

maana kee teree ek aavaaj se bheed ho jaatee hai, aavaaj
lekin ham bhee raajapoot ⚔ hai, oot
hamaaree ek lalakaar ⚡ se pooree bheed bant jaatee hai🔥😎😎

rakh ke taraajoo ⚖ ek ek palade mein apane doston iyaan kee khushiyaan,
dusare palade mein apanee jaan rakhata hun… mein

jab shaan bano raajapooton, hee,
to nasha sharaab, nahin,
baapoo kee aap vyaktitv hota mein hotee hai… 👉

raajapooto kee taakat an ka anjaaja jor ❌ se nahin 💪
dushman ke 🗣 shor se pata chalata hai 😳😲🙂😎 hai

jangal so mein jab sher na chain kee neend sota hai,
to kutton 😏 ko galataphemee ho jaata hai, galat
ki is jangal mein apana raaj hai..😎

jab tak maathe par laal nahin rang nahin lagata,
tab tak takaraajapoot kisee ko tang nahin karata…
sar chadh jaatee hai ye duniya jaatee bhool jaatee hai,
ke raajapoot kee ⚔varld kabhee ko kabhee jang nahin lagata … 🗡

aap kya hamen jee hajooree karavaonge hamase
e naadaan, ham to khud ki aad raajagharaane se hai …
kisase baat karate hain log,
aaj bhee bheehukum kahana nahin bhulate… uk

raajapooton kee ragon mein vo khoon hai daudata hai,
jisakee ek boond ek agar tejaab pe gir jae,
to tejaab jal… hona chaahie …. jay raajapoot

dil ❤ mein joonoon aur aag ja jaisee javaanee chaahie,
ham raajapooton ⚔ ko to pa dushman bhee khaanadaanee chaahie… ⚔

ham khareedane mat kee koshish mat karo,
ham un sarlon ke vaaris🤴 hai,
jinhonne 🕌 mujare mein haveliyaan kar tak daan kar dee thee! @ jay raajaputaana

ham raajapoot ⚔ hai …
jo sher ka sherashikaar karate kiya karate the,
tab to apane # dam par chalate hai…
kutton 🐕 kee kya aukaat,
jo aaj doosaron ke tukadon pe palate hain… tukadon

logon par kaise raaj karana hai ye hame achchhe se pata hai, hai
vah jangal aur shikaaree daanv ka stron puraana ho gaya hai, 🏹
hamaara rubaab tha aur aage bhee 🔥 raajajay_rajpoothan⚔ rahega

bandook bah or jaise talavaar jaise khilaune bajaar me bahot bikate hain,
par use chalaane ka jigar ke duniya ke kisee bhee baajaar mein nahin hota hai…
raajapoot pa use lekar hee paida hota hai … ⚔

shastr 🗡 chhoote aur peeth bataen use kaayar, kahate hain,
maarane ke lie shastr ho na ho aur seene mein jagah,
use 👉 raajapoot kahate hain… – vaaneejay bhavaanee…

apane haathon haathon mein apana maan rakhen hai,
bolakar kar nahin apane kaam ✊ se apanee pahachaan rakhate hue apane hai

tum jindagee mein aa to gaye ho lekin da rakhana rakhana,
ham raajapoot raaj hai jaan de dete hain lekin jaane vaale nahin dete !!

moonchh pe taav, mendesh mein shole,
phir se bhee…
to samajh lena vo raajapoot ⚔ hai pa

raajapoot, ke tevar ka paimaana naap sakate hain,
teree aukaat ke kaat paanee ke gole mein itanee digree hee haakh… 🌡

dho to tujh ham bhee de sakate the mere dost bhee
lekin ham hamarajput hai aur hamaare bujurg, kahate hain,
raajapoot kee yaaree 🤝 aur sher, kee savaaree,
sirph naseeb vaalon ko hee mulaakaat hotee hai😎

jabatak hamaare shaayar par bh maan bhavaanee kee rahamat rahegee,
tabatak har bande ko raajaput naam rahegee dahashat rahega… mein

2 line rajput Status

dekh pagalee aaz gaskarar ka halava aur raajapoot donon ka aur donon hosh dete uda dena hai… 👈

raajapoot baahar se 🤭 maun rahate hain, kaiaip lekin ve toophaan ko andar rakhate hain..🤭

apanee taakat par ghamand aur kamajoree par parda daalana oro ka kaam hai,
bheed mein bhee akele khade hone ke kaaran vah sirph pa raajapoot ka shoors ka kaam kar rahee hai … rahe

aksar ham hamaara parichay nahin dete hain,
log mukh dekh kar hee kah dete hain, 👉thaakur aaye hai😎😎

maan-maryaada-paalan, yahee pahachaan hai hamaaree,
raajapoot… hai ham, oonchee shaan hai hamaaree… ⚔

magaramachchh on kee pakad aur pa raajapooton kee akadast jabaradast hotee hai he🐊

chinta ko talavaar kee nok pe rakhe, voh # raajapoot ..
ret kee naav ke baare mein samundar se shart lagaaye, voh # raajapoot ..
(jisaka sar kate phir bhee dhad dushman se ladata raha … voh hai raajapoot ..!

raajapoot jo pahan lete hai bas stail ban jaata hai ..!

by # blok sochatee hogee #miss doais hogee,
# raajapoot toh gire hue paise nahin uthaate,
too to phir bhee # chavanee hai … !!

kyon na na aa jaayen # raahon mein,
jo # raajapoot ke dil mein bas gaya hai,
ab vahee kee # chaahat rahegee ..!

# maamala nahin girata # dushman ki sankhya kitanee hai,
# jeet to apane # hausalon se hotee hai.

soory # pagalee too apana # attitudai # kee photo kheench kar # olx # pese de,
kyonki raajapooto ko puraanee baat pasand nahin hai …

baap ke saamane ayaashee aur raajapoot ke samane badamaashee,
beta bhool kar bhee mat kar ..!
varana beta ham vo # raajapoot hai jo
gaardan parasaad mein baant diya karata hai ..!

raajapoot sthiti hindee mein
# aadate kharaab nahin, # shauq hee # uchen hai,
nahin to # khvaabo kee itanee # himmat kaha kee
# raajapoot dekhe aur poora na ho jae ..!

# joonoon # haunsala aur # paagal_pan aaj bhee vahee hai,
hamane jeene ka tareeka badal diya hai tevar nahin ..! # raajapoot …

raajaputaana eteetyood stetas in hindee
# raajapoot luks baahar se khaamosh,
lekin vo toofaan ko andar rakhate hain ..!

raajapoot raajaputaana stetas imej in hindee
raajaputaana raajapoot sthiti chitr
jab tak hamaare sar par oopar vaale kee rahamat rahegee,
bhagavaan kasam har # bande mein # raajapoot naam kee dahashat rahegee ..!

# haath to ham jodate hain bas maan bhavaanee ke aage.
# varana ham raajapoot to vah hai,
jo maut ko bhee ghungharoo pahanaakar apane darabaar mein # mujara kava de.

thaakur manovrtti kee sthiti
kuchh hee dino kee baat thee,
ab phir se kaano me shor hoga,
tumahaara samay hee tha,
hamaara daur aayega.

raajapoot baarish ka naam nahin, jo barase va tham jaega,
ye vo sooraj na hai jo chamake aur dub jae,
yah naam hai ki saans ka, jo chale to jeevan aur them to mrtyu ban jae.


raajaputaana etityood stetas
# ghar adhoora # khaat bina,
# taraajoo adhoora # baat bina,
# raaja adhura # thathe bina,
# desh adhoora # raajapoot ke bina ..!

are # pagalee # raajapoot ka # eteetyood to eyaratel 4 jee se bhee tej # tej hai,
ek baar # klik karake to dekho, bina # loding lie seedhe # dil me utar jaoonga.

khatare raajapoot manovrtti sthiti
koee agar tum patthar maare to usaka javaab
phool se dena chaahie: mahaatma gaandhee
br vo phool usakee # qabr par hona chaahie
chaahie: # raajapoot….
nyoo raajaputaana raajapoot manovrtti hindee mein
manovrtti sthiti raajaputaana

dekh dekh pagalee aaz gaskarar ka # halava aur raajapoot ka jalava # chhod do hosh hai # uda dena hai… lee

katata hai to kat ho saara jeevan sangharsh mein,
kadam kadam par hamaare nipataan kee baat nahin.

dho to tujhe ham bhee de sakate the mere #dost
lekin ham #rajput hai aur hamaare bujurg kahate hai,
# raajapoot kee yaaree aur sher kee savaaree
sirph naseeb vaalon ko hee milata hai.

sher ko jagaana aur hamen sulaana kisee ke bas kee baat nahin,
kyoonki ham vahaan khade hote hain jahaan kaheen bhee # bade bade hote hain.
raajapoot raajaputaana hindee sthiti naee 2020
raajaputaana sthiti

# sher ka # chehara lagaakar nahin # sher_na vahee_banata,
# bhaala uthaakar nahin # aaraana_prataap nahin banata,
# ranabhoomi mein pata chalata hai # maarton ka,
# moochhon kee # marodee lagaane se koee # raajapoot_nahee_banata.

maachis to yoon hee badanaam hai,
# raajapooton ke tevar to aaj bhee lagaate hai.

hamaara # _gustaahee kee had mat poochho, ham # raajapoot hai,
# jameen par pair # rakhane aasamaan # toot dete hain.

# raajapoot ke # tevar # ka # paimaana sake # naapasand,
teree # aukaat 😏 ke # paanee ke bheetar to aig # degree 😍hee ne kaha.

nyoo raajapoot etityood stetas in hindee 2020

hamaare sanskaar hamen jhukana jaroor sikhaate hain,
par kisee kee akad ke aage nahin _jay raajapoot_aadity !!

bade-bade dhamaake karane vaala phaulaad hoon,
soch samajh kar bolana beta .. raajapoot kee aulaad hoon !!

raajapoot ne hamen maut se bhee peechhe se dhokha dekar aata hai,
dushmanon kee kya aukaat jo saamane se vaar kare !!

paanee nahin ham sailaab hai,
lahoo hamaara ek aag hai,
ham aur hamaara raajaputaana kahaanee nahin,
hamen to poora itihaas hai !!

raavale ke darabaar kabhee jhukate nahin,
aur raajapreeti shaan ke charche kabhee nahin rakhate !!

dushmanon ko ujaarane ke lie banna ko toophaan kee jaroorat nahin hai,
banna apane aap mein ek bavandar hai !!

thand unhen lagata hai jinake karmo mein daag hai
ham to raajapoot hain, hamaare khoon mein bhee aag hai !!

kaagajo par to adaalate chalatee hai
ham to royal raajapoot chhore hai
mauke par phaisala karana hai !!

putr main maan bhavaanee ka mujh par kisaka jor,
kat doonga har vo sar ko jo utha raajapootaana kee or !!

raajapoot ke jeene ka tareeka thoda alag hai
ham ume par nahin jid par jeete hai !!

raajapoot kee jootee aur raajapoot ke dushmano mein kuchh bhee baat nahin hai,
kyonki jootee aur dushman donon raajapoot ke pairon ke neeche hee rakhate hain !!

raajapoot kee jindagee jeene ke lie naseeb lagata hai,
varna hoor kee jindagee to koee bhee jeeta hai !!

hakoomat doosaron ke dam par to koee bhee kar le,
jo apane dam par chha jae vo raajapoot ham hain !!

panga lena chait kee rok se
raaj kabhee mat takaraana raajapoot kee talavaar se !!

aukaat kee baat mat kar pagalee, raajapoot hai ham to intaranet bhee men belens par chala hai !!

jinake charche door talak dikhate hain,
ham vahee raajapoot hain jinake andaaj alag dikhate hain !!

raajapoot hai ham bandook aur gitaar donon chalaana jaanate hain, tay tume karana he kee tum kaun see dhun par naachogee !!

aankhe na dikha hamako, ham vo raajapoot hain jo aankhe nikaal liya hai !!

dashahat me to raajapoot jaisee varana,
khaalee daraana to kutte ko bhee pata hai !!

ham machalate hain to toofaan machal jaate hain,
ham mod rahe hain to itihaas badal jaata hai

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